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Crystal nonlinear optics: with SNLO examples
Arlee V. Smith

Hardcover, 726 pages, 16 chapters, 100 SNLO examples, 200 figures, 500 index terms, and 500 references

There are 25 nonlinear optics books on the market - what makes this one special?

  • Written by an experimentalist for experimentalists.
  • Theory is experimentalist friendly:
    • All equations are in physical SI units.
    • Most equations are derived in detail.
    • The nomenclature and system of units are consistent throughout the book.
  • Intuitive physical understanding is emphasized:
    • SNLO examples are used to illustrate physical concepts and specific devices.
    • Individual chapters are devoted to various devices: OPO, OPA, sum mixers, et cetera.
  • Unlike most nonlinear optics books, this one treats in detail real beams, pulses and optical cavities.
    • We explain crystal linear and nonlinear optics optics in detail.
    • We derive propagation equations for beams and pulses to assist you in developing your own numerical simulations.
    • We explain how to design optical cavities and optimize their performance.

What they say - some unsolicited comments from readers:

  • "I love your fresh approach and treatment of topics not available elsewhere, like resonated SFG and DFG waves... which will be genuinely useful to me."
  • "The way you laid out for each chapter a sequence of examples in SNLO to illustrate the main points is really excellent and amplifies the utility of the book over other texts."
  • "It's such a good book and I really enjoy reading it! It really helps me to understand nonlinear optics more in depth and use SNLO more efficiently."
  • "I am delighted to read it. It is a great gift for all of us that you put all this invaluable knowledge together in such a detailed and deep book."
  • "I encourage anyone working in the field of crystal NLO to buy this book."